About us

King is a worldwide leader in casual games with more than 30 billion games played per month globally. We are a leading interactive entertainment company for the mobile world. Our mission is to provide highly engaging content to our audience to match their mobile lifestyles: anywhere, anytime, through any platform and on any device. In June 2013, an average of 92 million daily active users played our games more than one billion times per day. Our top title to date, Candy Crush Saga, is one of the largest interactive entertainment franchises of all time.

Our focus is to provide a highly engaging, differentiated entertainment experience where the combination of challenge and progress drives a sense of achievement. We make our games available for free, while players can purchase virtual items priced relative to the entertainment value they provide. We embed social features in our content that enhance the player experience. We build on a unique and passionate company culture predicated on collaboration, humility and respect. We believe all of these in combination have made our content a core part of our audience’s daily entertainment.

King has games development studios in five cities – Barcelona, Bucharest, Berlin, London, Malmo, and Stockholm and offices in San Francisco, Malta, and Korea.